Who we are..

The organization "B & 20" was founded in Milan by PAOLO DISTASO who after years of experience as top manager, decided to undertake a new business by applying the principles and know-how of management and business organization to the world of fashion, of communication and events.

We have consolidated experience over time in the supply of qualified personnel for Events, Fairs, Promotions, Fashion and Advertising.

The agency provides hostess and steward services for the reception of your customers, promoters for out / in-store promotions, models to provide the perfect image for your company, interpreters to help you in the commercial part and in negotiations with foreign customers, Catering service to offer your customers a perfect welcome and the ideal environment for business negotiations.

Drawing on the experience of professionals from the world of fashion, marketing, communication, the B & 20 event organization agency stands as a privileged partner for the organization of fashion shows and "glamor" events, capable of giving a touch of appeal the presentation of products and services.

In this regard, different formats for the enhancement of the "excellences" that each individual company wants to offer to the market, through the creation of fashion shows in particular and exclusive locations.

Our goal is to guarantee each customer the success for his business, providing a unique and targeted service to his needs.

The B & 20 event organization agency has its headquarters in Milan, an international metropolis recognized as one of the four capitals of fashion together with Paris, London and New York. In Milan, new fashions and trends are dictated, as well as being the stage for the biggest international events (Expo 2015, Fairs, Conferences, Exhibitions etc.).

Every week Milan attracts thousands of tourists, businessmen, potential buyers and the press of the main national and international televisions. We are experts in the management of all kinds of events in Milan: the B & 20 event organization agency allows you to represent your business in the best possible way on the market and towards your customers.

Once the customer's request is taken care of, we proceed with the casting, with the selection and finally with the monitoring of the on-field activity.

Even if our core business is in Lombardy our network and our organizational skills extend throughout ITALY.